Candice Ronesi
Small Works Gallery 1

"I often spot places that are little 'gems.'  Right away I know they should be painted on a small canvas.  This gallery represents a sample of my small works.  All images are from 5"x5" to 6"x8" and done in acrylic.  Framed originals range in price from $200 to $400.  Some images are available as prints at Fine Art"

Cherry Trees 6x8


Hydrangeas, Hen Cove 6x8

 Cherry Trees ~ Sold

 Hydrangeas, Hen Cove


Autumn Marsh 5x7

Walk With Me 5x7

 Autumn Marsh ~ Sold

  Walk With Me


Path to the Beach 6x8


October Marsh 6x8

 Path to the Beach

 October Marsh ~ Sold


Monks Cove Path 6x8


Monks Cove 6x8

Monk's Cove Path

Monk's Cove ~ Sold


February Thaw 5x7


Roses, Woodneck Beach 5x7

 Winter Thaw, Patuisset

 Roses, Woodneck Beach ~ Sold


Early Evening, Sandy Neck 6x8


Harvest Time 6x8

 Early Evening, Sold

Harvest Time - Sold


Bog Boat 6x6 


Road to the Bog 6x6

 Bog Boat

 Road to the Bog



Scorton Marsh 6x8

 Winter Bog 6x8

 Scorton Marsh

 Winter Bog ~ Sold


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